I need to fuck… yes I know it sounds like I am just in a bad mood and need to blow off some stream but the fact is as much as that is true, the other fact is I need fuck. I need to drive my dick so deep into someone’s pussy that they can’t breathe because I am just that deep in them.


it is more than a want now…it is need like I need water to drink and air to breathe. Fuck food I need a big ass cake, booty that is, to eat to bit, to suck, to fuck.


Or I just need to find peace within myself right now? And not dwell on what I think is a need, but worry about what I do have. What I have is the beach a calm place where the water is blue and weather is always summer.

Oral Cavity

She can’t breathe; her eyes are looking up at me as they slowly tear up. My cock is down her throat, her head is against the wall and I blank out looking into her eyes, forgetting everything just getting lost in her eyes as they slowly turn red from lack of oxygen.

She cough’s and slightly push my cock out of her throat but after the fact it went even deeper into her esophagus. My cock is so deep her oral cavity I can feel the heart beat in her chest. I slowly pull all the way out.


A long and deep inhale, feeling her lungs with air. She puts her hand up.

“Wait, just give me second”

I wait as requested gather my cock in my hand and press the tip of it to her lips. She opens her mouth again and slowly takes it in. As it slides down her esophagus once more her saliva has thickened to ease the process. I slide it in and out watching the bulge in her throat compress and depress, speeding up in tempo. Her eyes again I look into focus and red.

My focus changes rapidly from her eyes, to my hands with my hands I grab her dark silky hair and I pull myself deeper and faster. I began with a low moan, as I speed up even more I howl out in ecstasy. My leg twitches and shakes thrusting giving no regards to her throat. I bust screaming out,


She laughs as she holds all the juices in her mouth and throat, then she swallows it all.

“Thank you Papi”





The Epic threesome

My first threesome…man I was caught in a bad spot when it was forming. My girlfriend was at my spot and then one of my side chicks comes to the door and invited herself in. Yes all bad right, I am done and losing both of them as of right now. But the side chick just plays it cool and introduces herself to my girlfriend; every time I tell this story I still don’t believe it happen. They hit it off and they are laughing, then the side chick pulls me to the side and tells me “I am going to tell her about us she is too nice to be with you.” NO! I am thinking to myself I plead with her no don’t do it, she wasn’t moving from her position.


So what do I do? I said I am not going to remember this night but I am short on liquor, so I head to the store leaving both of them alone in my spot. Yeah, that is smart thing right? I am walking to the store and see my friend and i am telling him what is happening and he gave me why are you here look. I told him i don’t want to remember this day if it goes south. My friend tells me, good luck and call him if he need an exit plan.


I get back to my door and all I hear is them two laughing their asses off. Yeah! Right, my thought this is bad sign and they are playing with my emotions. I walk in they are lit as fuck. I get this big ass hug from my girlfriend tell all these nice things my side chick is, I am smiling like “oh really that is so nice of you. “ All bad is all I am thinking any moment she is going to tell her about us.


Then I start taking shots of whatever I had but then I slow down.


Side chick: Hey you have some sexy as lips can I have a taste


Main chick: Yes you can, as long I can grab your phat ass


Side chick: Why the fuck not


I cannot believe what is about to go down, them kissing was I thought was going to be the high light of the day oh no it is about to get better… they are kissing and it is like how you would image it is awesome and super eye candy worthy.


Side chick: Why you over there?


Me: Me? Ya’ll talking to me?


Main chick: Yes silly.


Me: I was just enjoying the view letting ya’ll do what ya’ll do.


Side chick: Well come over and taste all these lips.


Main chick: And grab two hands full of ass.


All I am thinking is I dreaming, so I better not wake up anytime soon. I kiss them both all at the same time.


Main chick: How about the bedroom?


Side chick: Yeah I think we need to make that move.


They go; I am still standing there in shock when they said that.


Both chicks:  Hey, you coming in?


Me: I think I did like 9 times already I lost count.


Side chick: No you haven’t yet your dick is still hard…As she smacks her ass


I take a shot to wake me up from lala land and go into the room. The image of two beautiful women in my bed at once will never leave my brain. Then they both pull me to the bead and take off my pants and they both let me repeat THEY BOTH start to suck my dick. It is like they were world tongue wrestling tag team champs on my dick. Fucking amazing, I sit up and I am fingering both of them now as they continue to suck my dick. Wet pussy juices on both of my hands I taste each one.


Me: Hell yes, I can die a happy man now.


Side chick: Not before you fuck the shit out of her first than me and make both us cum then will drink your cum.


Main: I was going to let you get the Dick first but I will take it first if you insist.


As I proceed to smash my main chicks pussy in, I was eating the side chicks’ pussy at the same time. Main chick cums so hard I almost came too. I slip out of her, slap her ass hard, did a Spartan shout, slip into the side chick in from behind. My main came to and stands up and shoves her pussy in my mouth. All you the different sound me slurping pussy and ass cheeks getting pounded.


Main: you have had enough for now


She shoves my head away and gets under the side chicks face.


Main: Your turn Bitch!!!


Slams her face into her pussy. She is slurping and licking and face fucking her pussy. Side chick cums hard on my dick she sled herself off then grabs main hair.


Side Chick: Your turn now you sexy ass slut, open wide!


She spits in her mouth and force her mouth onto my dick and she is slamming my dick down her throat. Main takes a gasp and grabs her hair repays the favor right back and slams her on my dick.


Me: Ya’ll are nasty as fuck and play so nice together. Ya’ll ready for your protein?


They nod their heads then i start to unload into the side chicks’ mouth then the main chicks’ mouth. They hold their mouths open so I can see they kiss and swallow. Lying in the bed after that ,rubbing on their asses, jiggling it, and slapping them around.


Me: Yes!!


Now “Who’s da master?”


Show Nuff 303



My Hands

I am very good with my hands in many ways. I know the first thought you think is that I can play with you pussy very well with that would be true, but I hold my hands highly. I love giving massages; I find the most joy when giving massages.  Here is the kicker, not just women, men as well. It is funny when I give a massage they say I the best they ever had and me not holding a license to do so I don’t ask for money. Not to say that I won’t be anytime soon but for now I just like to see that face when people have that relaxing face.

And no happy-endings, I know when I was younger and all you hear is you go to this massage parlor and you can get a happy-ending, I thought it is kind of cool. When I got older and wiser it is just down right disrespectful to the art of touch. It takes hours just to know what how to apply just the right amount of pressure to relieve the pain. Then men (most of the time) ask for a happy-ending in a legit spa. Yes it feels great to have the option but you save that for home not where someone works at. If you wanted that you should have went somewhere else and those places not to knock them completely because some people can only relax that way.

I can play on both sides of the field and see where both sides are coming from. With the happy-ending you can charge way more for one hour and the deed can be only like 2 minutes(laughing out loud), but there is a place and balance for good and bad. And not all good things are good for you and not all bad things are bad for you. Just saying balance and wellbeing, don’t go to a spa and ask for a happy-ending for a person who is taking the time to fix your body problems. And if you go to that hole in the wall massage parlors please be careful and know what is safe to get into and be smart and not get all of your money taken.

Now “Who’s da master?”

Show nuff 303


Quick thought 3

When your horny level is so bad that you hear someone slurping on a cup of noodles and all you think is “I wish that was my dick/pussy in their mouth.” Then you mentally bust in your head. You check if you actually did nut, so you go to the bathroom and examine if you did, you start looking at your dick/pussy and start to think how fucking awesome it looks. You begin to stroking it ever so slowly imaging a huge cock pounding into your pussy or you fitting your dick between a nice size pair of breast. Your eyes start rolling in the back of your head and you start moaning, load, so load that you don’t care who hears you because you are about to cum. Then you hear “Are you okay in there?” You stop and grind your teeth because you are still holding in the nut in, it was there but the mental focus is gone. So you stop because you don’t need everyone to hear how good your cum is going to feel…unless youare into that?


Trent Morgan

So I was running through the park, just got a new pair of running shoes that my good friend Bryan bought me. He was concern that I am not in the best shape and should take better care of myself so in taking his advice and now I am running through the park almost dying because I am out of breath. But it is only day one and moving this awesome two hundred and seventy-seven pounds of awesomeness is not an easy thing, it takes a lot magic and motivation and just pure oxygen. So back to the park and me almost dying, I want to be fit, I want to be that dude that women see on TV and read about that makes them wet. I want to try stuff I want to explore my deepest sexual desires and look good doing it, well not good but more like Godly. So that is why I am running through this damn park day dreaming. I stretched before i started good, we are moving and jamming out to this running mix I found on the internet and uploaded it to my mp3 player, it is a great mix, then my wireless headphones dies on me. Point five miles into it and the music dies on me and all I am saying to myself is why me? I know I have a mile and a half to go to hit my first day mark.

I stopped and sat down at a nearby bench, wondering how I was going to finish this today with no music. Could go home and charge them but if I am home I will just sit my ass on the couch and end up doing nothing and not caring no more. I start to cry and thinking if I don’t start somewhere I won’t get what I want.

“Hey you on the bench crying.” someone called out to me it sounded it like a woman. And then from my left side comes a woman. This athletic woman she seems to be very tall, but it seems like she is but maybe it just feels like that because I sitting her crying my eyes out.

“Me?” Finally replied knowing I was the only person out at that this time of night.

“Yes you fucking dumb cunt” as she is towering over me in here yoga pants and running jacket, fit olive skin woman, she look like she just jump out of a sports magazine.

“Why are you sitting here fucking crying? She asked. Explaining to her what had happen to my headphones dying on me. “Well then just fucking give up or you can get up and just run, find something that motivates you to get up and go.”

Sat there and stopped crying and really start to think about what does motivate me. She moves to sat next to me on my right side taking her headphones out of her ear. “So, motivates you?” sticking her hand out to shake it.

“Trent.” Replying.

“I am Yanet, so what motivates you Trent, what gets your blood pumping? “Asking me with enthusiasm

The realist thing pops into my head and right out my mouth. “Making hand welts on a beautiful females buttocks.”  As soon as it came out, immediately catching me a couple of seconds to late pull back my comment. “Sorry I didn’t mean to answer so real, it was the first thing I was thinking.”

Rambling on about it, I didn’t take notice that she had slipped down her yoga pants perched on the bench with her ass towards me? “Trent” she calls to catch my attention and clearly she does once i turn my head and drops my jaw.


“Smack it.” She tells me sitting in shock.


“Are you okay with a random man, smacking your ass, in the middle of a park, at night?”

“Yes I am quite fine with that. As long you promise me you make both of my cheeks evenly welted, I can’t run with one just welted and not the other, it throws my balance off when I am running.” she instructed.

Baffled at the fact that is about to transpire. Alright, still in my head about this whole ordeal. She is wearing this fluorescent green thong that match her jacket, which made her the cheeks pop out even more. Her skin has goose bumps from the somewhat cool air. Staring closely at her plump bottom and examining every inch of her olive skin.

Raising my right hand high in the slowly in the air, then bring it downward with force that in my mind that I never had and connecting to her flesh. She moans. The first moan I had ever heard in person, only dreamed about doing this, played it in my head so many different ways. I raised my left hand quickly and slapped her left cheek, her bottom making a crackle sound. My blood was pumping hard through my body.

“Ready to run now I am super motivated!!!”Hoping up from the bench.

“Umm…Trent you are missing something from my buttocks silly. “ She was grinning at me. “Where the welts?”

“I thought that it will swell up later?” Unknowingly replying.

“Well Trent you have to keep slapping my bottom till they appear fully.” as she rub’s on her back side.

So I seat back down, raising both of my hands and slamming them down harder and even faster. Switching from right and left hand. Repeatedly, over and over again. Her cheeks are red now, slowly you can see them imprint of my rise for her skin and slowly swell up.

She pulls up her yoga pants slowly wiggling her welted butt. You motivated now so let’s go. Grabs my arm and pulls me along as she starts running. And soon enough I catch my feet running alongside her not keeping up just slightly behind her but never stopping. Two miles completed.

Couldn’t have drunk enough water, but worth it, the running gave me this high right after, feeling empower and but coming to the fact that this might be of being just a one-time thing. Me slapping the flesh of a beautiful woman.  And feeling this power of being wanted like that or even allowed to do it.

“So where to next I am hungry after all of that and my ass kind of hurts?” as she is Smiling at me.

“I live close by it is not much but I got food you can eat and ice for your butt or if you need something else I can go get it.” advocating to come back so I can at least feel this as much as I can.

“You can dial it back me and you are going to have some fun for quite some time Trent.”


To be continued…

Quick thought 2

cup of teaShe didn’t know what had come over me,she had no chance right then, and no way of getting away. All she knew was one second she was watching a show, the next her mouth was just obstructed with my rod as she drools all over it. She slowly engulfed it all the way down the shaft of it. She couldnt breath from girth of it, stretching her mouth out, as it sliding ing in and out. I grab the back of her head and tilted it as I gazed upon her seductive eyes, watcher her lips wrapped around my cock and her cheek expand out with air as i pump it faster. I touch deep down her throat as she snakes it down further and deep, her eyes become slightly red from the amount of pressure i am putting in her mouth. she gags and gasped for air, my dick is out of her mouth looking like a glazed donut dripping split . she grabs my balls and continues to suck going deeper and deeper gagging even harder the last, the pressure is building and her pussy is dripping wet.

Currently I am throat deep in her and both of my hands are holding her down, during all of this she hasn’t given in completely throwing up all over my dick. I remove it once again to allow her to breathe, her mouth is covered and she smiling with her eyes in amazement and awww. She is loving being on her knees, being playful with her breast in her delicate hands. then she grabs the shaft of my cock and rubs the tip on her nipple switching back and forth for left to right and right to left, her nipples are erected as my cock.

Truly, my cock had a mind of its own, no control, no teasing, slide her thong to and invaded her pussy with no regard, stroking her with every inch with it repeatedly till my body was numb from all of the pounding I was doing. I turned her over and continue to slam my cock deeper in her pussy, her ass cheeks ripple with each pound like waves in ocean crashing with such force back to shore. Furthermore i feel my body heat getting rising sweat began to drip for my forehead. My body moves faster and faster I am about bust deep in her warm and wet pussy and she knows it and she slows me down with a swift pull out and she turns grabs the shaft again and strokes and whisper in my ear “put it in my ass I always keep in ready for you…please papi.”

Indeed I did, lube it up and pushed the tip in slowly, so tight, she lets out ” hurry the fuck up and shove my cock in”, I hammered my cock in her, I bust after a dozen hard pounds, I explode all in her ass and slowly pulled out and watch it ooze out of her.



Quick thought

I just want you to hear about the things I want to do you, I want you feel my touch every nerve endings in your body to be excited by it. I want to look in your eyes and feel our worlds connect and be in a blissful state of balance.


I want to taste every inch of your being and savory every essence of you, from the sweet taste of your lips, to glistening glow of your sweat, to all the delectable parts of your pussy. I want bask in your presences of your glory.


I want to shove man rod into the silky folds of your pussy. I want your pussy muscles to compress around it and stroke it slowly building up the pressure till explodes deep within you and out of you I want you feel every bit of it, every mind blowing pump of me into you till you become overwhelmed with satisfaction and pleasure.


If ya’ll have time comment please and thank you very much!!!

My Special Tea

my special teaWhat is in the tea you ask, it’s a females mental orgasm. I drink that shit up, it‘s my stimulate, my cocaine, my heroine, my drug. Talking about it gives me chills. As I sip on my tea, I thinking about how I can describe the things I want to do you, fulfill your wants and needs, to get you to that spot if not with me physically but mentally.


That is why I exercise my word play each day. To find the right terms to trigger different things, to get to the one reaction I crave for is your mental orgasm. But the problem is it’s a drug, once I have it I want it more and more, deeper, stronger, and even more powerful than the last. I just don’t want your high to sky moments, I want the one that when your soul feels it the stars and other planets near and far away feels the presence of the ecstasy in your walls, your tongue when it can’t get dry, your hands shake just thinking about it your orgasm is mine for the collecting.


I want you to feel the pleasure of the mental orgasm I provide. Give you the details of every action and thought that goes through my head small and big, sometimes I don’t know the difference. In my thoughts, in my words, I am the master of this art. To be so confident is the biggest key to me; I have to feel it with every stroke of my hand touching skin to every keystroke I make. I am the master and no one can do it better than I can.


My ideas are off the wall, in the wall, and over and under and through it. I have only scratched the surface of what I am mentally capable of showing you. You will bend to my will one way or another I’ll make sure of that, don’t worry you will like it. But here is my tea-cup so go ahead and fill it up.

Choking and Tea

big tea cup

5’o clock I start my morning yoga and center myself for the morning tea is next on the agenda, but I hear something in the mist of doing my downward dog. It is the shower up stairs, I finish my sun salutation and check the time, it is 5:10, and usually she is not in the shower till 6. I go upstairs and as I get closer, I start hearing a different sound, a slow released sighs are coming from the shower. I slowly creep open the door and from a slow released sigh becomes a moan getting louder and louder. The shower curtain is slightly open enough to see what is going on, she has her hand rubbing on her pussy up and down spreading her lips apart, and she has her eyes closed so I was enjoying myself watching her for the moment.

I pull the curtain back with one hand and the other pinned her neck to the wall slowly, she shock in her eyes was unfathomable, she stopped the dance with her hand,” what are you doing? Did I tell you to stop? Hell no I didn’t, you felt bold enough to play with my pussy without me you can do it, with me right here looking deep into eyes. “ She continues with her fingers start off slowly again as I watch her I slowly release my hand for a split second then tighten my grip on her hand and slowly moved my head to her ear and whispered in her ear” do you enjoy me choking you?” she nods her head as much as she could, “I asked you do you like me choking you?” she with a gasp of air she squeezes out a “yes papi”.Good I say to myself in my head, as I thinking of this I had to remember she can’t be choked for much longer but also I can’t stop because I am enjoying this way too much right now, just little bit longer she will be fine .I feel the blood stopping at her throat trying to get passed my hand, I feel her trying to take another breathe and she is still gasping for are as if it was her last, she moves her to the top mines and what happens next surprised me. She grabs my wrist and pulls it inward and was able to squeeze out “tighter papi”. I have to watch my strength and not crush her throat so I slowly pressed harder and harder, she is still dancing with her pussy even through all of this. But I noticed she is slowing down now I feel her body giving in to not having enough oxygen and board line beginnings of passing out. So I let her go slowly as she is getting oxygen and coming to with the rush of air back into her system a deep gasp of air feels her lungs again.

She realize she hasn’t cum yet biting her lip looking around wanting more asphyxiation, she gives me a look and look at her and I say “Again?” she acknowledge it with a nod. I tilt my head up at her, she replies, ” yes p-” Before I give her a chance to take another breathe my hand was back on her throat, she is smiling her hand is moving faster and faster she brings her other hand and shoves it into her pussy her mouth opens wide and she begins to look up and shaking her body convulsing and lets out “YES PAPI!!!” Her body shuts down after climaxing, the water still running hitting her body so softly the hugest smile on her face.

Lunch and Tea

tea timeIt happen so quickly… my tea was cooling off as her pussy was heating up. I blew on my tea as I played with her pussy in my hand. She grabs my hand began licks the two fingers i was using, my middle finger got most of the attention. i to a sip of my tea then offer her some of… she look at me side ways as i was being comical.

she is was  unfasten the belt on my slacks as quickly as possible, forcing them down to the floor wasn’t an easy task due to all the junk in my trunk. after a wiggle from me she runs her hands up my shirt, then slowly scratches down my chest and abs then pulling out her lunch for the day.

she wraps her soft lips on the head and slowly eases down the shaft as she holds the rest of my cock in her then the other plays with her pussy. she pulls her mouth slowly off and gaze at my cock as she only went half way down, then brings her hand from her pussy and rubs all of her juices onto it. She shoves her mouth down onto it as far as she can go, a cough slips out and spits gets all. as it drips down to her lovely breast, i finish my cup of tea. she looks up with her beautiful brown eyes, i smile like a like kid in a candy store as shiver with joy.

I then pull her up and left her by her soft booty and lay her down onto the couch. I began rubbing her nipples in small circles with my fingers then grope her with my hands squeezing her breast very aggressively.  she moaning from the pleasure of the slight pain as bite her nipples and pulling them with my teeth. my hand slides up under her chin, i press my thumb on her throat slowly, my tongue has found its was to her pussy. i slurp her juices in my mouth and exhale my breath onto her clit. she softly calls out papi, with the sound of her voice so soft , triggers my tongue to go deep into her pussy, curling my tongue up and down in her. she is reaching her limit with every flick of my tongue, her body is like an earthquake as she climax and lets out screams of joy and pleasure. the aftershocks are coursing through her body as her nervous system is in reboot mode.



The way I Lick

cup of tea.jpgI start by kissing the queen’s inner thigh warming her up…as I wrap my arms around her legs and pull you closer to me as kneeling down giving you the proper respect to the queen. Obeying her every command…she moan’s from the slightest action of my articulation along her thigh. She begins to breath deeply, her hands up clinching at every nibble, lick, and suck.

I inhale her essence, giving a deep sigh of satisfaction as I remove her lace lingerie. As I admire her  delectable, savory, cream oozing out of her passion, my first mate is ready to come aboard, but this night is not about him… tonight it is about the queen and her satisfaction. The first brush of my articulation across the queen’s passion signals that the dance is about to begin.

The pool of her essence is dripping out as I drink it with  pleasure. Not a single drop is spilled every drop is drank. My articulation dances as if the clit and the articulation was at a salsa night club and even when the music  has stopped they were still dancing the night away. Then the clit swells up I suck it and lick it and brush it up and down, swirling and twirling and slightly flickering it.

The queens moans becomes more of bellow of praises to my name. As she grabs my head, she trimmers as her essence spills over into my mouth as legs follows to interlock over my head. The swirling continues till the legs become unlocked and hands began to push my head away as a sign to not continue the deed.

As I articulate my lips of the queens essences I gaze upon her passion wanting more…